Can a set of French doors with 8 panes

christin, Aug 18, 4:56am
Be reglazes to include one pane? Ie I imagine pulling out the cross bits and putting new single sheet glass in, Or does the whole door has to be replaced

I have two sets of French doors and four sets of similar style windows in the lounge, the glass isn't that great in it, scratched erc, and would mind modernising so working out if that would be slightly cheaper if doable?


cagivachick1, Aug 18, 5:21am
i think it would have to be safety glass, the "cross bits" could be siliconed on to the glass

tweake, Aug 18, 5:39am
i can't see having to replace the whole door.
early ones or good quality ones will have individual panes of glass.
modern/cheap ones are one big pane with stick on cross bits.

zak410, Aug 18, 6:00am
Yes you can replace with one piece of glass;
as already mentioned, it will have to be toughened, (Safety glass) or laminated according to size.

You may have to fix the moulding at the junction of the 'cross bits' if the doors are very old.

christin, Aug 18, 6:24am
These are the doors, old photo as now have a heatpump.Put in mid 80's I think so not new

Two on a side wall as well so a lot of square glass (four windows this size, two French)

Would it make it more modern or look silly? Should I go for the three panes ? Going to put roller blinds so was thinking less fussy look?

Also will it be much cheaper or better to get new ones?

Thanks. :-)

wheelz, Aug 18, 6:54am
I like the look as it is. goes with the windows, just replace the scratched glass.

johotech, Aug 18, 7:13am
The rails are called muntins.

You can remove all the glass and cut them out quite easily, but on the doors you will need toughened or laminated glass. That might mean that you have to make the rebate deeper, because of the thicker glass.

Windows won't need toughened glass, but the new glass will still be thicker than the old glass so there might only be the bare minimum of depth to get a good angle on the putty.

christin, Aug 18, 7:20am
Will be getting someone else to do it. Depends on the cost vs replacing I guess which will be less fiddler removing bits. Although don't need to install a new door etc.

Will have a think now that I know it's possible . And decide what will look nicest :-)

apollo11, Sep 4, 3:53am
I think it would be easier to get new doors put in and sell your old ones. Shame though, I think they look nice. As above, you would need to replace with safety glass, and being old frames, they may warp or bow with the cross pieces taken out (has happened to me).

biggles45, Sep 4, 6:05am
Much nicer as they are. We paid a lot of money for glass doors with small panes like that, and they were interior ones! Just replace the glass.

christin, Sep 4, 7:37am
Would changing the glass in 8 panes cost almost as much as new doors.?

I guess I like a simpler , more modern look, but lots of people do say they are nice.

They are a pain to clean thoug. I thought a karcher would help except the fact it fits in sideways only! I've never had them looking clean. I think it's the glass can clean and clean and never quite looks right once sun comes streaming through! Glass scratched in places too .

briantamaki-god, Oct 10, 8:10am
just replace the old glass with new grade A wont be required
if you go down the laminate route more often than not you will be up for the cost of new hinges the old ones wont be up to the extra weight