Prep to paint poyurethaned/stained interior doors?

lemming2, Mar 13, 5:28am
Another how to question.

jkp58, Mar 13, 8:48am
wash with painters sugar soap sand down 150 grit paper attention to door handle .paint with resene smooth surface sealer sand down 1 or 2 coats undercoat quick dry 2 coats of lustercryl using no. 4 roller sleeve . no need to wash roller out .Just wrapp in glad wrap when not been used

lemming2, Mar 14, 12:36am

eljayv, Mar 14, 12:49am
Coat with zinsser bin 123.

johotech, Mar 14, 1:20am
You might have to check for layers and layers of old varnish which haven't been prepped properly and are loose and flakey. A real PITA.

lemming2, Mar 6, 2:55am
Well at least that one isn't a problem. The doors haven't been recoated since new. I know this, because they were my mother"s doors!