Interior paint colours

sally63, Feb 8, 10:48pm
I too, have tried countless test pots. I am looking for a warm midto mid dark tone grey/green or grey blue to paint on a large feature wall in a country home. In Taupo, The lighthere is difficult as it tends to grey off most colours. I normally don't have trouble with colour but this has got me stumped.! I am looking at Rolling Stone (Resene) and and Resene Bluff but Rolling Stone may be a bit cold on a dark day. The room has good light bit not very very bright.Any suggestions here please would be most welcome!PS It is to offset a beautifuland huge abstract painting in blues mostly of all hues with a touch of rust etc. I don't want to use the rust colours as would like to gomore to the opposite side of the colour wheel

roopydoop, Feb 9, 12:01am
Ooooh love rolling stone! Dulux pencarrow!

sally63, Feb 9, 12:04am
Thanks I will have a look at that too:)

sally63, Feb 9, 12:13am
Would you call Rolling Stone a French Blue!I thought i might add a bit of Porter's lime wash to it to make it softer.

sally63, Feb 9, 12:20am
Yum:) Pencarrow is a nice colour too. Difficult to judge on line but is it warmer than Rolling Stone!

mooncake1, Feb 9, 11:02am
I like both your choices - beaut colours. Not sure if it might be too dark for an interior but as a feature wall it could be fine! Sorry have no suggestions, just voicing my approval of the colours you've chosen.

nan99, Feb 9, 5:44pm
Hi.If you go to the Resene website ( I think it is Resene)you can take a photo of your room, upload the photo on this site, and you can "paint" your room and it will suggest colours to go with the ones you already have.It's quite handy.We chose our bathroom colours through it.

rainrain1, Feb 9, 8:56pm
Resenes Bluegrass!

edited to say the colours on the websites are not what the colour ends up like on your wall, you are better to get a test pot, but you probably know that already
the bluegrass is a grey/blue on the wall

pskpinks, Feb 9, 9:15pm
Or you can go to the Resene website and click on Ask a Colour Question and a colour consultant will help you with suggestions.You can attach photos also.

sally63, Feb 9, 11:26pm
Thanks all. Lots of lovely information. I am most grateful:)

sally63, Feb 10, 12:35am
Just as an aside has anyone here used Wanaka(Resene) It is an incredibly intense and stimulating blue.

sally63, Feb 17, 8:28am
Help! I used Rolling Stone today and it has come out a dark wedgewood blue- cold and oppressive. Does anyone with colour mixing skills know how I can tintit back to a softer turquoise colour, more like my other choice, which was Bluff! I have 4 litres of it. Not cheap

pskpinks, Feb 17, 9:09am
Rolling Stone is a sombre/serious green with a tiny blue edge and a dense grey undertone - best bet is to take it back to where you got it and ask the staff what tinters went into it to make it that colour and if there was anything that they might add to brighten it.Rolling Stone may be completely wrong for your situation - not sure why you used it - your first enquiry made me think you knew it wasn't right.

roopydoop, Feb 17, 9:58am
Can I suggest live with it for 48 hours, put your art work you mentioned on that wall, see it in all the different lights your room gets then if you still decide you can't live with it perhaps decant a little bit to play around with to see if it is possible to adjust it to a more acceptable colour before attempting to change the whole tin.

sally63, Feb 18, 8:35am
You're dead right andI'm a damn fool,lol. I askedat Resenes today. Apparently bright yellow or a blue/green tint may help green it up. I still love it but it is much bluer in our house than I anticipated. Even in the tin it has a green tone- on the wall it is completely different.Blue A beautiful colour though

dms01, Feb 19, 8:11am
some paint places are able to use a spectrograph to pick out colours from the painting, if there is a colour you are in love with in it

sally63, Feb 20, 1:16am
Thanks again everyone.I do believe part of it is the light here in Taupo. I have painted many houses on my time and never had a problem before. Even more the challenge!

aphilips, May 26, 7:02am
we have a country style kitchen and we have used benjamin Moore paints, they have variety of grey shades.