How to paint over wooden interior door?

sooby, Jan 24, 11:54pm
howdy folks,

We have dated timber veneer interior doors that I'd like to update by painting.The doors are flush panel, hollow core and *seem* to have a stain or varnish finish to them, altho I'm not sure which exactly.There is definitely something on them, as you can see the difference with the face finish & unfinished top face.The house is a late 70's build, and the doors have a low sheen finish, not the bright shine that I've seen with varnish.

Any ideas how to prep before paint goes on!

I'm guessing: sand the shine off with fine grit, then undercoat (or Zinsser etcher!), then two coats of colour - does that sound alright!

I've found some advice here, but as we intend to use aquanamel Im not sure how applicable it is:

appreciate any ideas, thanks!

kp11, Jan 25, 12:00am
I did mine like that.Couldnt get them off the hinges so painted them in place.Sand. smooth surface sealer. 2x top coats

rak1, Jan 27, 8:13am
Zinsser B.I.N. the way to go

jezabeel, Jan 27, 9:29am
Give them a wipe down with turps or something prior to sanding and you dont have to sand the sheen off completely just a good even scuff over.I find Zinsser smart prime way easier than resene SSS to apply and you can tint it if need be.

sooby, Jan 27, 10:29am
cheers everyone!

rdeans, Jan 27, 8:09pm
Resene also do a "Smooth Surface Sealer" paint which is very good, low odour and water clean up!We applied with a roller and very happy with the result. I found that Zinsser did not flow as well as Resene but certainly personal choice.

stevee6, Jan 27, 8:13pm
We grooved ours lengthwise then sanded, sealed and painted. Much improved - mind you, anything would improve those hollow core veneer doors.

mmkgirl, Jan 28, 6:37am
Hi just a question i think i have the same doors in our house a rental how whats a super easy way to fix holes in these doors

jezabeel, Jan 28, 10:33am
There isnt one a new door and better tenants i would suggest

mmkgirl, Jan 29, 2:03am
Actually it was an accident moving furniture before you assume ask for the facts

zak410, Jan 29, 2:12am
not super easy, but easy enough (read instructions) and permanent : builder's bog;
you may need to push newspaper in the hole first if big.

saxonangel, Feb 14, 6:03pm
I pushed paper into the hole and used bog, sanded and then stained it.It worked.I am also looking to paint all the doors and frames in the house. We also have an old 70's house with brown stain on doors, frames, skirting etc.