Interior colour help

salb21, Mar 7, 11:58pm
Can anyone give me names of very light grey/white with a tint of blue! Trying to play with resene ezy paint but I'm failing at finding colours lol

bandrach, Mar 8, 12:34am

kaddiew, Mar 8, 12:45am
Seafog. I have it on my walls in full and half tint. The Resene colour swatch online will look like beige, but it's exactly as you describe: a light grey/white with blue hint.

salb21, Mar 8, 1:06am
Thank you!

Have figured it out now

bella95, Apr 8, 10:55pm
My lounge is Resene Half Tasman. Absolutely love it. Not too in your face and not too grey. Nice in daylight and artificial light as well.