Re ppg paints (Bunnings) I have chosen a colour

white_elephant, Oct 21, 10:35pm
from their selection. But I always use Resene paints, they tell me they can copy any colour though PPG paints are not one they do as easily as say Dulux or Taubmans. Any one here used PPG paint? Am I being a bit anal not keen to use a different paint maker.

bluecat1529, Oct 21, 10:48pm
We had the PPG rep do a presentation to us recently. Seems PPG is a multi billion dollar company that is world famous except for us and Oz. They supply huge amounts of paint to industry around the world and they are apparently the byword for quality overseas. Mind you he would say that wouldn't he ? :-)
Like you I prefer Resene because I know it works but we have used PPG in the past. It is well priced, it covers well, and they have a good range of specialist stuff. (White Knight is also theirs). I guess time will tell how good it really is.

tintop, Oct 22, 12:39am
Here you go. A wee bit of history linking PPG ( Pittsburgh Plate and Glass), ICI, DuPont and the Dulux brand.

It certainly is a world class business.

maccachic1, Oct 22, 12:43am
The UK guys here (building surveys) confirmed its a good brand back home.

craftyhome, Oct 22, 1:21am
We've used a bit of it on our place. A couple of years on it still looks like new.

hutchk, Oct 22, 3:35am
I used PPG tinted to Resene colours in a reno 4 years ago. Excellent paint, rolls and brushes beautifully, still looks great. Substantially cheaper too.

white_elephant, Oct 22, 5:04am
Thanks everyone, I have bought the ppg paint and will start painting tomorrow. I'm just wondering how all the paint places know the tints in each others colours.

gabbysnana, Oct 22, 5:49am
we did exterior, found it nice to use, good coverage, ours was chocolate moouse colour.

grangies, Oct 22, 6:08am
It's all computerised formulas. No one can actually "own" colours.

While they can certainly own the "name" of the colour, they cannot own the shade.

Only certain automotive paints are owned exclusively. Xirallic glitters for example. But Xirallics are additives and not colours.

A simple acrylic house paint colour is matched by a special camera called a photo-spectrometer. It digitally photographs the colour sample on a few different angles, and the computer tells the paint mixer exactly which tinters and amounts to use to copy the colour sample.

white_elephant, Oct 22, 6:20am
Thanks grangies, now I know, what a very clever machine.

johotech, Oct 22, 6:31am
Depends what you call substantial. The exterior weathertough acrylic is only $20 per 10L less than I pay for Dulux X10. So $60-80 less to paint a house?

happychappy50, Oct 22, 8:02am
PPG is Taubmans,I used it in Oz & can say it is still my preferred paint,interior & exterior,oil & acrylic,Resene is popular here but have found that the different qualities don'nt work for me,like anything whatever floats your boat.Yes,you can mix to other paint colours if that is your preference,most fandecks (paint swatches) have a code which is then mixed with the appropriate tints.

ae64, Oct 24, 6:31am
Yeah but you gotta buy it at Bunnings - Australians selling us American paint.

white_elephant, Aug 22, 1:06pm
Well I've been painting all day, hate painting, but the PPG paint looks great, covers well, and I love the colour. Cheaper than resene, even when resene in on sale.