Interior colour help needed. I have chosen Resene

white_elephant, Oct 7, 5:57am
Anise for the walls, it is a lovely green. I love blue with green so I thought I'd do half powder blue for the trim but are thinking it may be a bit insipid, can anyone suggest another blue. The area is big and open plan, 2 lots of french doors, clear story windows and ordinary windows. The floor is concrete which I am also planning on painting. I have lived with all white for 3 years since the addition was built and it never was me.

asue, Oct 7, 6:16am
On the resene website it is showing wicked and wot eva is the colour to match. I like the wot eva. Could be worth some test pots to try. Even in the half colour.

white_elephant, Oct 7, 6:34am
Thanks asue, I didn't think to look at their website. wot eva is not a colour I would have thought of but I'm going to get a test pot and give it a go. Wicked is too dark for my taste.

pskpinks, Sep 8, 6:52pm
You could try Curious Blue, Scooter, Endorphin, Malibu, St Tropaz, or Hullabaloo.
Anise is a bright green and it favours other bright tones.If you put it close to more muted colours they take on a dull look.