Interior colour Paint

justwhatever, Feb 2, 8:08am
Looking at changing our paint colour and thinking something neutral. Have dark mahogany Brown skirtings and doors. Any suggestions please and any pics would be great. Thank You

brucie261, Feb 2, 8:15am
We have just finished painting our kitchen & lounge todayusing Resene Quarter Grey Olive!chart=Resene%20The%20Range%20whites%20%26%20neutrals%20(2012)&brand=Resene&name=Quarter%20Grey%20Olive

We love it!

justwhatever, Feb 2, 8:24am
Does your house get a lot of light!

brucie261, Feb 2, 8:25am
Yea our lounge/ kitchen has 2 ranch sliders and 2 large windows facing north so alot of sun

wessex, Feb 2, 8:43am
1/4 Sisal. Neutral and goes with anything

justwhatever, Feb 3, 6:07am
One of the rooms we are doing doesn't get that much sun so Resene Quarter Grey Olive might be a bit dark. Or does it look lighter when it is on. Love the colour though. Thanks

roopydoop, Feb 22, 4:10pm