Painting interior room - advice on steps to take?

pukus, Dec 22, 7:03am
Please can a painter give me guidance on the steps to take, and in what order, on prepping and painting a bedroom . the gib is in sound condition, is painted and in fine condidion I just don't like the colour (it's purple, so do I need a grey undercoat!) I do need to remove a wallpaper frieze around the top, but I dontthink that will damage the gib when I remove it.
So, do I sugar soap first! Or start with a light sand! Can you give me details on what grit sandpaper to start with and to finish with too please!

pukus, Dec 22, 7:05am
ps . I know about taping and stuff, have always done the cutting in without tape, prefer it that way . it's more about the technicalities leading up to that.
Also, what type of paint should I buy! Acrylic matt is popssibly the best! A brand that's good! Dulux!

pestri, Dec 22, 7:11am
I'd just sugar soap it, fill and sand any obvious defect and then roller it or use a speed brush. Mat or semi gloss 2x coats , no undercoat Frieze will be obvious unless removed.If you think you need to sand get a really fine paper.Don'tforget to wipe down wall after sanding.with a damp cloth.

pukus, Dec 22, 7:26am
Should I sand first then Pestri, and then sugar soap it! Thankyou.
Why no undercoat! Now that you've said that I think somone else suggested no undercoat either.

pestri, Dec 22, 7:39am
You've already got your undercoat in the previous paint. you just need to make sure that the surface will retain the new paint, that is,that its clean , and that you have dealt with blemishes. If itsnow a high gloss finish then light overall sanding may be good to provide a key for the new coats. Otherwise I wouldnot bother myself.Don't thin the paint too much , use an acrylic preferably Dulux or Resene,if you are stopping for a few minutes or a lunch break put the roller or brushes in a plastic bag, or cover with a damp cloth, this will stop them drying out on you., but don't forget to wash them in much running water as soon as you are finished for the day.

pukus, Dec 22, 7:44am
Thankyou thankyou thankyou Pestri! What type of roller brush do I use to getbest flat finish!
You're awesome! :D Appreciate it

pestri, Dec 22, 7:48am
Really don't think it matters but I use a roller with a medium pile, not the too smooth ones or the shaggy pile ones, but lately my favorite is a speed brush. ask at your paint supplier.

You'll also need a regular brush to finish the edges, there are some nifty cutting in brushes available that make it easy.

pukus, Dec 22, 7:52am
Um . what level sandpaper do I use! And I've never ever thinned paint before, so will just use it how it comes. Hmmm, this might be faster than I initially thought.
So, blemishes, sand, sugarsoap, paint. Right!

pestri, Dec 22, 8:00am
No heavier than 120 for the filled blemishes, may need to do this once or twice, if sanding the existing paint 180 grit!

pukus, Dec 22, 8:35am
Yus! this will give me something to do xmas arvo, thankyou :D

kcc55a, Dec 23, 8:58am
120 is hardly a fine sandpaper, nor for that matter is 180.

pestri, Dec 26, 8:47pm
Oh an exspurt:on the back of certain brand120 g paper isstamped the word
"fine". and certainly compared to 60-80 it is.Most home handymen will have little use for anything more than 200 grit unless one is spray painting a show piece Harley Davison, then400 wet papers are academic.