Where to buy 40mm interior doors?

westlake, Jul 9, 9:54am
Hi, I'm trying to find a supplier of 40mm thick interior flush doors, hollow core, 1980mm high, 4 x 760mm & 4 x 710mm. Ideally in AKL. Are replacing some 1970's hallway 40mm doors (35mm is easy at most DIY stores, but it seems 40mm is all special make and expen$ive). Thx

zak410, Jul 9, 10:40am
Why not pack 5mn on the door stop?

unclejake, Jul 9, 10:58am
Haults Doors in Wellington would be my first stop. They're very easy to deal with and 'get it'.

shakespeare6, Jul 10, 12:32am
Just been through this I only had 3 doors to do on a laundry and 2 bed rooms. As I was replacing the hinges and lock sets I just set the hinges back in 5mm. You don't really notice it. Remember to trim the doors to fit all sides of the frame some of those frames are a little out of square

westlake, Nov 26, 3:47pm
Thanks all. I'll try Plan A, to see if I can remove door stop and replace with one 5mm wider.