Aluminium doors question

djtutty, Sep 6, 1:34am
I have a large set of bifold doors. They are to suit a wall with a 2.7 stud. Our house doesn't have a 2.7 stud but when I bought the doors I assumed it would be a straight forward job for an aluminium joiner to remove the top windows that are above the doors and cut the frame down to suit our stud height. I have had two builders look at the job and they both said they wouldn't bother with the doors I have and would just get a new set made. They have estimated around $5000 to make a new set and then of course the cost to install them. I havent actually had an Ali joiner look at them yet as the doors are at our house which is out of town, but does anybody know wether what I'm planning is possible? I trust the two builders who have looked at it and I don't suspect they are just trying to sell a new set of doors, but they are just not interested in trying to use the set I have.

lythande1, Sep 6, 2:02am
So ask them for more details. why it would be easier. could well be that your simple cut isn't so simple. more factors than you are aware of. I'm sure they can explain properly to you. you did say you trust them.

annies3, Sep 6, 2:58am
You need to take the doors to the aluminium joinery and get an opinion from them, working with aluminium is a totally different thing, needing specialist tools and skills, even giving them a phone call would be a better idea than asking a builder,

djtutty, Sep 6, 3:32am
Yes I would like to take them to an Ali joiner to get an opinion however they are 2750mm by 4300mm and very heavy so it's quite an exercise.
Both the builders told me they didn't know enough about Ali joinery to know wether they could be shortened or not. I was hoping to get a reply from somebody who had been involved in the trade. Ali joinery is pretty much standard in all buildings now so there must be a lot of people who know if what I want to do is possible. I just need to hear from one of them!

annies3, Sep 6, 4:53am
Which is why I suggested you phone the aluminium people.
they will soon set you straight, we had wonderful assistance from the local people in Oamaru, they always come out and measure your space so as to be able to be very accurate with their work.

briantamaki-god, Sep 6, 11:04pm
I have just done this with a second hand ranchslider and window for a friend
post a photo of door
I ended up cutting down the height which entailed cutting
sides mullion sach and beads glass and reveals took a a bit of time as I had to make up blocks to suit each extrusion for support whilst cutting

djtutty, Sep 6, 11:12pm
I have a photo but haven't a clue how to post it. I don't think I need the glass cut as the door height is fine it's just that there are windows above them.

maddie44, Sep 7, 12:59am
Are the windows above the doors a separate unit?

We recently bought a door with window above and all we had to do was remove an extrusion that held the two together.

We could see this because there was a gap between the door framing and window framing that the extrusion covered

nukhelenc, Sep 7, 2:46am
Go to My trademe, my photos, Upload photo, just as you would to sell something. Once it's uploaded, view it through My photos again and copy the link in the address bar at the top of the screen. Come back to message board and paste the link

djtutty, Sep 7, 9:44am

briantamaki-god, Sep 7, 9:51am
cant see much apart from the bird poo
close up of the extrusion and where the door top is would be a good start :)

timberman, Oct 2, 11:17am
The top of the frame probably will not fit on top of the door as it is a window frame not a door frame
Take the glass or sashes out & cut the mullion & the sides off
I would put a wooden head on top of door head & then cover it with a head flashing