Painting aluminium doors and windows

redden39, Nov 22, 2:36am
I have White Knight quick dry true bite primer and their white gloss metal paint. Can I use these to paint my hideous bronze coloured windows and screen doors?

budgel, Nov 22, 2:48am
That primer appears to be for adhering to bare metals. I would try a small amount first. The topcoat should be fine. Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning and rubbing down with a new scotchbrite pad.
Painting old windows is well worth doing, it made a huge difference to my old Mum's place.

rainrain1, Nov 22, 4:44am
Don't do it. what a mess painted aluminium, I spent hours and hours cleaning paint off those once

budgel, Nov 23, 5:48am
If done properly a good result can be obtained.

redden39, Nov 24, 6:23am
I wondered if anyone had been successful and how long it lasted. I noticed paint sticks really well when you accidentally slop onto aluminium but Murphy's Law says it won't if I do it on purpose. Was thinking of getting the two screen doors powder coated. Might be easier.

socram, Nov 24, 6:29am
I made a start last year after having some new modern windows fitted elsewhere. Just a clean up and then the acrylic paint straight on. Only done a few test spots so far, on a bronze ranchslider and also on a basic plain aluminium window, but bearing in mind they aren't handled on a daily basis - or at all, no surprises that it all looks good so far.

Getting them powder coated would mean a lot of extra work and a lot of extra cost - with a bit of a risk I would have thought.

redden39, Nov 24, 6:41am
Thanks for that socram. Just painting all of the middle bit looked like hard work but I bow to your superior knowledge. I just don't want to have a go and then about two years later have serious regrets if it did not last and looked worse than what I started with.

zak410, Nov 24, 7:42am
paint sticks well on plain aluminium and anodised; only power coated ali needs a better preparation and a smooth surface type primer.

yorkie13, Nov 24, 8:03am
You need a aluminium etch primer. and use a top quality brush to get a good smooth finish with both coats.

redden39, Nov 24, 10:47pm
Thanks for the advice. I have already learned the difference a brush makes. Might get brave and have a go on Sunday.

sanders4, Nov 25, 8:14am
We used solvent based paint in a spray can supplied by auto paint supplier - we are in salt spray zone but paint is still good after 10 years.

tintop, Nov 25, 8:43am
Why not contact the manufacturer's help line ?

0800 131 686

Help is in Sydney, but you cant get transferred from NZ after 4:30 pm

redden39, Dec 4, 10:13pm
I have applied the primer and have done two of the three top coats. Would have posted pics if I had not left my stick at home. As expected, the neighbours have noticed and so far, one has decided to do his too.

budgel, Dec 5, 5:32am
Good on you! It is well worth doing.

redden39, Dec 18, 3:13am

redden39, Jul 4, 6:02pm
Of course, now the screen door looked off so I had a go at that too. Before and primer pics. Forgot the painted one:
Only the back screen door, three more sets of windows and the grill part of both screen doors to do.