Painting kitchen cupboard doors.

mrsrickp, Apr 15, 1:49am
I am planning on repainting my kitchen cupboard doors and need some advice. Do I use an enamel paint or just an ordinary paint.I would prefer one that has a high gloss to it. The doors are circa 1976 so just your plain old wooden doors. Any advice greatly appreciated.

pskpinks, Apr 15, 3:16am
Resene Super Gloss enamel - turps based - is still the slickest shiniest hardest paint finish for doors or drawers IMO.

mrsrickp, Apr 15, 3:28am
Thanks for that it a thick paint that is likely to have me put the cupboards back on and not have them close.can't have that happen! Does it need much of an undercoat on it at all. The colour on them at the moment is 20 years old so I thought I could just perhaps rough them up with a bit of sandpaper and slap on the new stuff! Whats your opinion.can you tell that I haven't done this sort of thing before!

phoenix10111, Apr 15, 3:49am
Being cupboard doors it will need to be hard wearing. I did mine a few years ago and based on advice from a friend who is a qualified painter I took the doors off (number them on the bottom or top so you don't get them mixed up), removed the handles (which I replaced), sanded them, undercoated and painted with a gloss enamel. I used a mini roller to get a smooth finish. It goes on thinly and so even after 2-3 coats it shouldn't affect the closure of the doors. Make sure you paint the inside of the doors and not just the outside. Looks dreadful when you open the cupboards if you don't :)

mrsrickp, Apr 15, 5:58am
Awesome advice phoenix.I never thought about using a mini roller. Will shoot out tomorrow and get everything I need and get started asap. Thanks heaps!

pskpinks, Apr 15, 6:02am
Top information - agree! Keep rolling with the mini roller as it gets silky smooth. Front facade of cupboard doors could have an extra coat if you feel that is where the most wear will occur.

genekiss, Apr 15, 7:54am
Check if the gaps on the doors are tight now or if they could do with a a couple of mm planed off them, best to do this before you start painting

brightlights60, Apr 16, 8:23am
Question from my wife here who is going to repaint the kitchen cupboards. We have a 12 year old farmhouse kitchen style kitchen, the cupboards have panelling, the paint finish was sprayed onto customwood. Its worn off in places, so she is going to sand it and do a coat of a good oil based undercoat/primer. Wondering whether the gloss would be too glossy for the type of cupboards and perhaps a semi-gloss as they will have to be brushed, not rolled. The rest of the EQC work has been done in Resene so want to stick with it.

bob508, Apr 18, 1:55am
use gloss it will be easier to wipe clean.

mrsrickp, Apr 20, 3:49am
EEEK.I have sanded, sugar soaped, and put the first coat of enamel paint on with a roller that is to give a smooth per recommended by the Resene paint shop why have I got millions of tiny bubbles now on the cupboard doors! This is not how it is supposed to go surely.what have I done wrong! It is only the first coat.

hatchback, Apr 20, 4:34am
So then about 5mins later run over the surface again with just the roller with NO extra paint on it, may take away the bubbles.bloody resene paint always fisheyes, what is with that!

mrsrickp, Apr 20, 5:17am
Better not stay that way, we paid over $150 for a 4 litre tin of paint and then sizeable $ for the rollers!

jkp58, Apr 20, 6:06am
Dont forget to wash them first with sugar soap.

mrsrickp, Apr 20, 7:55am
Already did that, made sure we did the prep properley as per the Resene Paint Consultant.they are the experts!

gj, Apr 20, 11:36am
If you get bubbles - you are putting paint on too thick, and/or rolling too fast. After rolling each area you need to final roll very lightly always in vertical direction. For gloss finish your roller should be a very fine nap or foam. Full gloss is unforgiving unless you know what you're doing - it will show every imperfection. Personally i always use Resene Lustacryl semigloss enamel (water based) for doors and panels.

mrsrickp, Apr 20, 7:42pm
Thanks gj.yes it is a super gloss. We have been as light as possible with each roll and have very expensive rollers, very fine for a super smooth finish. Will give it another go today and maybe sand lightly between coats to get rid of the bubbles. Here's hoping today has a better result!

elise24, Apr 21, 11:43pm
How long has the smooth surface sealer been on! It may still be venting. Sometimes using an acrylic priming undercoat between SSS and oil based products will speed this process. Otherwise I agree with #16. Also, don't stop your roller sleeve on the surface and remove it, you will leave bubbles at the stop point.

mrsrickp, Apr 22, 8:23pm
elise.the Resene guy said no undercoat required. Have watched you tube and we are now using a very fine paintbrush to pop the bubbles, this seems to be doing the trick thankfully!

koru67, Apr 22, 8:52pm
I would love to see a before and after photo if you can. I need to do our kitchen cupboard doors too.

mrsrickp, May 12, 9:59am
koru.I will be starting the other side of the doors shortly so keep this thread bumped up and I will post before and after for with millions of bubbles and one without! Probably won't be for a few days, we are heading away for a long weekend tomorrow night!