Nouveau Impressions Kitchen Pack

alice_in_hell, Aug 15, 10:06am
Have embarked on the journey of installing our kitchen pack from Stuart Scott Cabinetry. At first, I looked at all the boxes and pieces and my jaw dropped.

After a little composure and soul searching, decided to start, and I must say. have just got the oven tower done and it looks great! Glad I didnt take up the builders offer to install it for $3500.

Anyone else have one of these or a flat pack installed or installing? What are your thoughts of the process?

underconstructy, Aug 15, 10:27am
You might not be do glad when you discover your walls are not straight and floors out of level!

I've installed a few piece of cake to assemble hardest part is probably scribing bench tops to walls. I did find there quality was above average but not spectacular.

alice_in_hell, Aug 15, 10:41am
Yes i also agree that the quality is good for what it is, but as far as levels and plumb go, we've had all new wall and ceiling linings and getting a joiner in to scribe and fit once all assembled. Thats something I dont trust myself with.

alice_in_hell, Oct 26, 1:15pm
My neihbour had a custom install kitchen at $35K, and while it looks great, the end difference between the two is much closer than what their respective costs would indicate.