Stripping kitchen cupboard doors

datoofairy, Apr 18, 9:03am
I am thinking of painting my kitchen cupboards but would want to strip the many layers of old paint off first. Its an old state house style kitchen with about 15 doors to do. What would be the easiest way to do them? Does anyone know roughly what it would cost to get them dipped?

skin1235, Apr 18, 10:08am
don't dip them, they will take on too much moisture and become ruined
remove them and the hinges from them, get a heat gun and go nuts, when finished in new finish refit hinges and new or well cleaned catches and handles

skin1235, Apr 18, 10:09am
you can heat gun them in situ, but the frame finish will be damaged so will also have to be done, plus its a damn sight easier to work at table height than up and down at knee height or above your head

thefatfj, Apr 19, 6:10am
becareful if using heat, the old paint may contain lead,

macandrosie, Apr 20, 4:31am
You might want to find out what they are made of first before dipping or heat stripping. If they are old doors - may be a ply type or 70's style may be a veneer - neither of which will tolerate treatment or heat.

mkbooks, Apr 20, 8:44am
If lead paint is suspected, just heat the paint until it melts, then scrape
If white smoke rises from the heated paint, it's too hot + you have lead oxide fumes rising.

whitehead., Apr 21, 3:54am
there is some thing you can wipe on and if its water based paint it will come off on your cloth ask at a paint shop

timberman, Apr 22, 11:35am
If I was to do it I would just sand them off
With My sander it takes 1 Minute per side

motheroffour, Apr 23, 5:21am
Sorry. Lol
I miss read the title, thought it said. Stippling kitchen cupboard doors.
Now that would be ugly.

soxxy, Apr 24, 3:10am
What about going to Bunnings or Mitre 10 and just buy new doors. I bought some drawer fronts too, but from our local Recyclers who comes out to measure and then orders from Auckland. Not very expensive either.

don735, Apr 24, 9:03am
crap, why post bull sh-t mabe in your dreams 1 minute LOL

timberman, Apr 26, 9:02am
don 735
You need to research what you are talking about
This machine is 3m long will sand about 2m wide & cost me 3k
As I say 1 Minute per side

mrploppy, Jan 24, 8:15am
I would recommend the Cooper's Restoration System. After several years of trying to re-varnish interior Rimu doors, I used this system this summer and it is great - very little sanding required, leaves a great base finish to varnish.
See Note that old-style cupboard doors are usually hollow, so some treatments will end up with them warping or delaminating.