Aligning kitchen cupboard doors

brummoi, Nov 16, 8:23pm
Hi. We're getting 4 new replacement doors for our wall cupboards. We'll have to use standard hinges rather than what you normally get these days so no adjustment possible after fitting as I understand it. My question is how difficult is it for an inexperienced DIYer to fit and align 4 doors! Would I be better off getting someone in to do it! My wife wants to just give it a go but I have visions of 4 doors all over the place and looking crap!

kandjaja, Nov 16, 8:34pm
Without the 3 way adjustment that the modern hinges have it won't be easy

budgel, Nov 16, 10:52pm
Accurate measuring and marking will give a good result. Dont drill all your screw holes at once, this gives you the opportunity to slightly shift things and drill new holes if needed without the risk of running off into an existingmisaligned hole.

brummoi, Nov 16, 11:13pm
thanks, guys. It might be possible to fit a bit of wood in the cupboards for the adjustable hinges to fix onto. Was hoping to avoid it but it's looking like an easier and better option at the moment

morrisjvan, Nov 17, 6:08am
some manufacturers of the hinges have mounts that will screw onto the older style cupboards and allow modern adjustable hinges to be used.see your local joiner. trying to fit new doors into old (probably out of square ) frames is a nightmare.

brummoi, Nov 17, 6:45am
Thanks, morrisjvan. I'm defi Italy thinking to get a joiner to do this job!

doorboy, Nov 6, 12:18pm
If you have the old doors still and they fitted okay you can use them as a template to mark the new doors