I need a window in my kitchen wall, would it be

white_elephant, Sep 20, 9:07pm
ok to buy a window I like from a recycle place or best to get one made from scratch by a builder? Thanks.

jacinda2059, Sep 20, 10:28pm
a lot cheaper to purchase from recycle place.

russ18, Sep 20, 10:56pm
A builder wouldn't typically construct a window themselves but best to get a builder in first because unless the window is quite small you may need a lintel spanning across the window opening and installing the supporting studs could mean the wall needs to be opened up right down to the floor.

krames, Sep 20, 11:35pm
you will need to get the correct sized jamb to suit aswell

deb821, Sep 21, 3:01am
Have you considered a skylight? We rented a house that had skylight in bathroom only and it made a big difference

russ18, Sep 21, 6:37am
There may also be plumbing / electrical to disconnect and reconnect if joinery has to be removed to do the job and even rerouted if the pass through the window opening.

white_elephant, Sep 21, 9:23am
Thanks a lot for help, I'm getting a builder to look at it this week.

nzjay, Sep 24, 12:17am
A building consent probably will need to be gained as even if the window fits between existing studs without cutting any out, there is weather tightness issues to be inspected and shown as signed off on your building file at Council. Don't end up with a non-compliant building, you will probably pay in the long run when you eventually come to sell.