Best kitchen'bathroom sealant.

skyblue17, Sep 13, 10:01pm
Hi. Husband has decided to reseal that annoying join on our bench and vanity units. Formica to tile splashback in kitchen, composite resin vanity to Serotone (or similar) wall in bathroom. He's interested to know what people recommend as the best sealer for these jobs please. TIA

johotech, Sep 13, 10:32pm
I would use Mapei or Sika acetic cure sealer.

The hardest part will be cleaning out the old stuff.
For applying the new sealer, watch this video - this guy's a bit rough and you could be more careful applying the bead of new sealer, but it explains how to get a good finish.

briantamaki-god, Sep 14, 9:58am
composite resin will be damaged with acetic cure sealer.

johotech, Sep 14, 11:06am
The only relevant limitation on the products I suggested is polycarbonates. Any bathroom or kitchen materials will be fine.