DIY Flooring - Advice Please

nicwil, Jun 7, 1:52am
Hi all, photos of existing flooring to follow, looks like laminated particle board or something similar? We are looking to redo the flooring in our dining and kitchen areas, so want something hard wearing. Would prefer DIY to save on cost. What kind of flooring would be best, and can you just lay it over the existing floor? Ie. Click into place flooring, no opening doors for us to worry about if the flooring comes up a little higher. Thanks!

lythande1, Jun 7, 2:28am
Lino, carpet, yes you can go over the particle board.
Actual floorboards or similar, no.

briantamaki-god, Jun 7, 2:39am
its cork best to remove with a spade sand and prep floor then put what covering you like

tweake, Jun 7, 2:40am
you have polyurethane particle board.
i would think click in place flooring would work ok. only catch with that is its not good if floor gets damp. damp from kitchen use but also damp from moisture rising up from underneath.
have a talk to the flooring shops.

tho you can get lino/vinyl with wooden floor patterns. thats a lot better for damp areas.

nilaveli, Jun 7, 2:46am
we used the vinyl plank flooring on page 11 in this link it is waterproof we used it in our bathroom and hall it is wearing very well we installed it ourselves we got it from placemakers it is interlocking and not that hard to do yourself

adragon, Jun 7, 3:42am
You have cork tiles on your floor (we have the same over concrete). Leave it and floor over the top (cork has very good insulation properties). Are you changing because it is damage or just don't like the look? It can be sanded and stained/coloured/bleached and re polyurethaned.

jonners2013, Jun 7, 10:48am
cork is great. it's warm and cushions well.

galex, Jun 7, 8:45pm
tweake wrote:
you have polyurethane particle board.

Nope, as others have said, it is cork.

tweake, Jun 7, 10:20pm
grain looks way to big for cork. most of the ones i've seen are done with tiles and you can make out the tile edges.
i've seen hundreds of homes with polyurethane floors that look like that. very common.
maybe its just the way the pics are taken.

either way flooring can go over the top easy enough.

sally63, Jun 8, 12:25am
It would look lovely stained a dark colour. Just a thought.

bergkamp, Dec 17, 12:41pm
looks like varnished particle board to me , might be wrong - can you look for a sheet join ?