Colour to paint a character villa

treens2, Dec 26, 6:02am
Son said too me today he will paint the exterior of my house as a xmas present for me, he would like to start next week as he is on holidays. It is due for a paint, currently white with blue trims. Any thoughts on current colours being used on villas,thanks

meoldchina, Dec 26, 7:23am
I like a darkish shade of grey with white window frames and doors etc.

molly37, Dec 26, 8:50am
Our bungalow is a mid grey with dark grey barge boards and white sash windows. One of the block villas was a pretty grey.

pskpinks, Dec 26, 6:59pm
Be careful of radical changes in regard colour - i.e white/light to very dark etc. It might cause a lot of stress to older weatherboards due to heat being attracted to the surface. Go for a colour you love. You have to live with it - often for a long time - so it needs to be your choice - unless of course you are moving out?

lythande1, Dec 26, 7:13pm
What is wrong with the current scheme? White with navy trim is classic.

shanreagh, Dec 26, 7:14pm
Putty, Tea, beige. Oh, and did I mention putty, tea, beige. boring, boring boring. Everything. All the trims are painted over and decorative bits painted the same colour. Sometimes the windows surrounds and sill are painted a shade or two lighter than putty, tea beige.

Edwardians and Victorians were much more adventurous than this. Sometimes the paint shops have charts that show ideas for houses of various eras. The library will have books on Victorian and Edwardian villas with colours in them.
The have a look at the famous San Francisco 'painted ladies' a series of Victorian villas.

I have a villa. Mine is painted two shades of grey, two shades of yellow and vivid white, next door is two shades of a blue colour, almost like Wedgwood, vivid white and a maroon red, another is painted lemon, cream and with the features picked out in shades of blue that exactly matched the colour it was first painted. Another house has several shades of a bright cream, vivid white and several tones of maroon red on decorative details. Most done in the last 2 years.

But the bland boring putty seems to be an overwhelming choice.

Good comment by pspinks re colour changes from light to dark especially going very light to very dark on expanses of wall boards. Also get a colour you like not what is fashionable.

ed65, Dec 26, 7:55pm
I loved the exterior paint colour the two sisters used on 'The Block NZ' this year. From memory it was 'Pukaki' but I don't know if it was full strength or half.

treens2, Dec 27, 3:53am
Was planning on keeping colour light, I don't live at the property,thanks

treens2, Jun 28, 1:08pm
Agree white and navy trims as painted now is a classic. Just looking for other ideas,thanks