Colour for wooden fence.

jag5, Sep 9, 12:53am
We recently purchased a 70's build little house. brown brick. not klinker. the nicer smoother one. (I would like to paint this too but hubby put foot down lol) . The fence has matching brick pillars and wooden planks in between. painted. brown. What colour would you choose to paint the planks?

I quite like a cream colour. not yellow cream. but a deeper brown based cream . or black. any other ideas?

koru67, Sep 9, 2:41am
what colour is your mortar?

inthecity, Sep 9, 3:18am
. and your roof?

kaddiew, Sep 9, 3:23am
. and your garage door and front door?

jag5, Sep 9, 4:09am
Never pointed. so just stock standard cement grey. roof is dark tin tiles. the stand alone single garage at the back of the property is more modern. a versatile or such like in cream with brown door. Front door is aluminium. all brown

oh_hunnihunni, Sep 9, 4:18am
Any chance of taggers in your area? If so, go green. Literally.

naturalkiwi, Sep 9, 4:34am
We have a similar scheme on our 70's home: red/brown brick with cedar panelling. We experimented with a really dark charcoal grey accent on the guttering. It actually looks pretty good, and I'd like to go the same way with our fence too.

jag5, Sep 9, 6:18am
I showed hubby the colour charts and interestingly enough he chose a grey. Hadn't thought of that. so will check it out in daylight and see what it looks like. probably a mid grey similar to the cement colour I guess

jmma, Sep 9, 6:36am
Not Black, will warp the wood (o:

rita197, Sep 9, 11:00am
Mid grey works well

koru67, Sep 9, 7:19pm
None of our fences have warped because they are painted black, with a quality paint. Warping may be more an issue due to the fence construction and materials used.

christin, Oct 5, 4:52pm
have had a 6 foot fence painted in black for about 8 years. no warping. looks good. (well except for the smaller gate which has claw marks due to two cats jumping it lol - cant blame the paint for that!)

used timbercryl.