Tree to plant by fence for privacy

loismustdye, Oct 18, 4:38am
As I have no clue to gardens and plants I thought I would ask here.
The boundary fence is approx 3 metres from the house (about 6 feet high paling fence).
I want to plant some thing that will grow no taller than 2.5-3 metres high to provide a bit of privacy above the top of the fence.
Ideally something that had the bulk of its foliage higher up, i.e. Around the top of the fence height wise. Or something that is bulkier the higher up it gets.
It's only to cover length of approx 3-4 metres of fence line.
Flowers would be nice but not a must have.
Thanks in advance.

quiz3, Oct 18, 4:57am
Olive trees look good, camellias, rhodo's, look around your neighbourhood see what's growing well and looking good. Cheers.

vomo2, Oct 18, 7:12am

loismustdye, Oct 18, 8:52am
Thanks for the ideas, be throwing those suggestions into google to see what they are, except of the redwoods and cactii.

nzjay, Oct 18, 9:29am
Two or three pittosporums, either all the same or all different. Easy to give a light haircut once a year to keep from getting too open. Many, many varieties to choose from, ask you plant nursery for advice to suit your height requirement.

issymae, Oct 18, 8:00pm
pittosporums and grisillenias and photinia along my fences; can be kept trimmed to look tidy; they are placed to block view from neighbours windows

tui93, Oct 18, 11:33pm

ruby2shoes, Oct 18, 11:43pm
a climbing rose? One of my roses is a "park direktor rigers", it flowers all summer, has dark foliage, red roses, and big knarly thorns. Its beautiful.

ladyluck110, Oct 18, 11:52pm
Should try some privots ,

nzjay, Oct 18, 11:53pm
We'll put them in the bin with the suggestion about redwoods, shall we?

ladyluck110, Oct 19, 4:58am
Lol has pretty fragrant flowers, evergreen, and the neighbour will love it haha

gabbysnana, Oct 19, 5:43am
same, my pitts are at 6 metres, mine have the tiny blue leaf, make a good screen.

amasser, Oct 19, 6:46am
Be wary of pittosporums - some can grow very high. Check with your council re fence height limits. These were raised recently and you could add some trellis to the fence.

clothesman, Oct 19, 7:01am
Leptospermum coppersheen are good. They offer a good screen and can be kept to size with a trim every six months or so.

groovie1, Oct 19, 8:16am
I spotted just recently along a driveway and in front of their three foot paling fence, six red robin hedge trees planted approx two feet apart, similar to this:

Once they reached the top of the fence the owner has let them branch out into a full lush red hedge adding at least another three feet of privacy from their neighbour who is on a slightly elevated section. Wish I??

bluefrog2, Oct 19, 9:03pm
Lancewoods are too skinny to provide privacy when young. And they grow much more than 3m once they start bushing out. Unless there are miniature lancewoods I haven't come across.

bluefrog2, Oct 19, 9:04pm
I have dwarf cherry blossoms that aren't meant to grow more than 3m high. They do drop blossoms and leaves every spring and autumn though - not a tidy tree.

cleggyboy, Oct 19, 9:50pm
They grow massive.

There is a good selection of conifers these days that don't grow too high and some nice foliage also.

e.g. Juniperus chinensis 'Pyramidalis'

rainrain1, Oct 20, 12:35am
Rhododendron. you don't want a tree that loses it's leaves, that would be messy

maccachic1, Oct 20, 2:25am
We are using: Grisilena Lucidas (my spelling is off), Bangalow palms, kentia palms, silver & punga ferns, fairy bamboo, Pseudopanax.

clareo, Aug 27, 7:58am
Cabbage trees?