Baby Cabbage Tree

honest-reliable, Apr 26, 4:48am
I have this Baby Cabbage Tree that needs to go as it will rip up my asphalt on the driveway. If you know anyone that is wanting one in Christchurch can you get them to leave a message on this thread or let me know on this thread where/who may want it. Thanks

cantabman1, Apr 26, 7:04pm
They are like weeds, if you have a tree, with seedlings popping up all over the garden. Just pull it out.

cleggyboy, Apr 26, 9:10pm
Cursed things.

groovie1, May 4, 6:20am
I agree pull it out. They grow fast too. Photo taken just over two years ago when we brought the house but we've since felled every last one of them and others scattered round the section.

My neighbour said she thought they were protected, surely not, too late anyway they were down. Good riddance to them and their lawnmower mangling leaves anyway.

samanya, Jan 19, 12:55am
I love cabbage trees, their form etc . but only planted out of the way of the mower. They have their place in a Canterbury landscape. The dry leaves make great fire starters ;o)