Lancewood Tree

clareo, Apr 16, 4:40am
We are after a 2m Lancewood and wondered whether anyone may know where we could perhaps source one? We are based in Wellington. We have tried various nurseries but can't find one big enough. Thanks

annies3, Apr 16, 5:14am
Lancewoods change form when they get a bit bigger to their mature state not at all like juvenile lancewood,

rainrain1, Apr 16, 6:01am
Try your nearest NZ Forest and Bird Society, they sell native plants to raise money

thistle4, Apr 16, 8:04pm
I have a couple but don't know how you would get them out of the ground successfully.

ira78, Apr 16, 9:23pm
Same as any small tree, I'd imagine. Just dig a generous distance around it and pull it all out in a big ball.

alibray, Apr 16, 10:52pm
The Berhampore Nursery open day is this Saturday - I suggest this would be a good bet for a Lancewood - Good Luck

thistle4, Apr 16, 11:42pm
You are welcome to come and see if mine are what you want. You would have to dig it/them out yourself though.

thistle4, Apr 17, 2:43am
Or you could cut one down, it's in the way of our gate,.

clareo, Apr 17, 4:13am
Thanks all the same but I think we may be sorted. Thanks again.

nukhelenc, Apr 18, 12:05am
I like Lancewoods :)
Got a big one at my place, well i thought it was big as its about 40years old.
But i was working on some ones house and omg It was huge lol you would have trouble putting your arms around it, wow it was a monster and must be over one hundred years old. Never thought they could get so big :)

rainrain1, Feb 1, 10:51pm
I hate the mature leaves when they drop, don't plant near your spouting or path