I bought a fig tree today.

paora-tm, Apr 2, 6:14am

It's 10 inches tall and has 8 figs on it. What can I expect from it? Will those figs (and the tree) grow to a decent size - will they ever (next season) if I continue to keep it in a pot?

ambo11, Apr 2, 6:35am
Figs love pots, provided they get plenty of water and nutrients. Unsure what will become of those fruit, I personally wonder if you should remove them and let it grow? We had one the same size and half the fruit fell off.

venna2, Apr 2, 6:41am
I wouldn't place much reliance on those eight figs. I bought a fig tree last year and did eat one or two of the figs already on it - it was considerably bigger than ten inches, by the way. It is growing well and I see has some new figs growing on it, which I'm looking forward to eating when they ripen. It's in open ground, not in a pot.

mark_g, Apr 2, 7:36am
I am not familiar with figs (never had one), but for any fruit tree less than 2 foot tall I'd be removing 3/4 of the fruit as soon as they form, to let the tree put it's energy into growth. In your case I'd only keep 1 or 2 figs, just to let me know what the things might taste like when I have heaps of them in one or two years time.

Edit to add - actually if the thing really is only 10 inches tall I doubt I would even leave one fig on it this year.

paora-tm, Feb 16, 1:42am
Damn, wrong answers you guys. lol