Any spray that will inhibit tree growth?

jenny791, May 8, 5:11am
We have several eucalyptus trees which we have topped, and would like to try and slow down their growth. Is there any product we can paint on the cut which would get into the trees and slow their growth?

spiritofgonzo, May 8, 7:47am
Nope. Your options are: prune regularly, or replace with a more suitable tree

mitster, May 8, 9:05am
yes there is but you will have to sell your first born and your neighbours leg to pay for it, best to prune after spring flush to reduce regrowth
pruning in winter is the worst thing to do

mojo49, May 8, 10:27am
In orchards we use a PGR (Plant growth regulator) to suppress the elongation of new seasons growth. It only cost $1500 +GST per litre. However you need Growsafe and Approved handlers certificates to purchase a litre. You can do those two courses in one day and that only costs $450 plus GST. So $2242.50 gets you what you need. A litre sould last a while.You will have to climb the tree to spray it on of course. It is not approved for application by helicopter. Have you thought of cutting the trees down and planting some nice native pittosporums as a cheaper alternative? We have some eucalypts on one orchard that must be about 60 feet high now. We do not spray them with PGR which could be why they are so tall.

twain1, Jan 14, 3:59pm
possums are inhibiting the growth of mine, much cheaper than above which sounds a bit nasty