How to grow a tree from a peach stone?

floralsun, Mar 22, 3:44am
How-to's welcome please - for a blackboy peach stone which I understand grows true to type? when to start it, do I leave the stone to dry first or start with the flesh still on, do I start it with soil/potting mix covering it, or leave it on top? what soil/potting mix/or? plant it direct in the garden or in a pot? when to expect any growth showing, anything else I need to know? Would love to grow my own tree. Thanks for help :-)
Ps - I've searched online, however would like tried and true info from people who've grown a tree from a stone themselves. Thanks!

annies3, Mar 22, 4:26am
The only ones I have grown were thrown out to do their thing rot or grow so sorry I'm no help at all.

les6, Mar 22, 4:32am
put blackboy peach in the keyword space to your left,mark last year in the date posted and click search,fill your boots!

lythande1, Mar 22, 5:38am
Doesn't matter if it dries or not.
My neighbour has a Golden Queen tree, it drops fruit over my fence - he doesn't care about it. baby peach trees have sprouted without any help several times.
The bit they sprout in is gravel covered over with dirt that came from all the leaves and fruit composting there. I do nothing with that part - neither water nor feed it. The trees grow OK without any help.

I would use some proper home made compost though, if I wanted guaranteed success with a tree. the stuff the grows all by itself out of our compost shows thats the best method.

I'd wait till spring if you are in a frost zone though - young trees don't like frosts.

I had some grapevine prunings in my compost too, must have missed evicting them. they grew too, took about 9 months for them to pop up, just out of a 3-4 inch bit of branch. Roots, leaves. all happy.

floralsun, Mar 22, 7:53am
Thanks everyone for all the info :-)

I followed your suggestion les6 and learnt a lot - thanks :-)

katalin2, Mar 22, 9:29am
Ours grow from the compost we spread around the garden. They fruit in their second or third year. I would just plant the seeds straight into the ground.

floralsun, Mar 22, 9:43am
Thankyou katalin2 :-)

firob, Feb 24, 3:06pm
Plant your blackboy stone and stand back. Ours was planted 5yrs ago, have picked blackboys for last 3yrs, Are they good on the morning cereal. use marg containers to put in the freezer. Our tree is now approx. 4mts tall. Blackboys would have to be the most underated peach I think. Good luck.