Blackboy peach 'seeds'

kateley, Mar 16, 2:54am
Last year I started a thread about growing blackboy peaches from their stones.I had great success (10 trees from 12 seeds).
Several people expressed interest in getting some seeds to try for themselves.
I've got more seeds here now, does anyone want some!I only post by Pass the Parcel so the shipping would be $4.50.
I sold some to an Aucklander last week and he was happy to pay $10 inc shipping for a dozen or so seeds.
Anyone else interested!I'vejust bottled up a batch so have some seeds sitting here drying out a bit.

Edit to add: Let me know and I'll set up an auction for you

pickles7, Mar 16, 8:32am
Do you know if they will actually grow .black boy peaches!
I grew lots of almond trees once and got 20 peach trees and only 2 almond trees.

edenrose, Mar 16, 10:53am
I was told they grow true to type.Bought some this year, but the fruit (inside) didn't seem as dark as I remembered.Stones were unsuitable for keeping though, the kernels were kind of shriveled and black.
I'd be interested in 5 or 6 stones.

writemaggie, Aug 23, 2:21pm
I would be wiling to pay for a few of these seeds .

b_hazen, Sep 18, 5:57am
I would like to buy black boy peach pits (seeds)

guest, Mar 1, 2:13pm
I would be happy to some black boy peach seeds if still available and you post to UK?

guest, Mar 17, 2:38am
Yes they'll grow peaches. I have a blackboy peach tree, and two of it's children (grown from stones) growing in my garden ... and they all produce blackboy peaches.

benjamin, Jun 6, 12:00am
I've been looking for this variety of peach for years now! I would like to buy some please!!!