When to prune peach & nectarine trees

magpie71, Mar 4, 1:56am
in Canterbury! Anyone know what the cost would be to get someone who knows what they are doing, to do the job!

melford, Mar 4, 5:56am
Pruning is done in winter. Don't know anyone who does it though

harrislucinda, Mar 4, 6:05am
yesin thewinterwhendormentbutyoudonthavetodoiteveryyear

carter19, Mar 4, 6:21am
Ask your local garden centre.

wheelz, Mar 4, 1:01pm
I prune in summer after fruiting. Prevents silver leaf infection, which is often fatal.

thistle4, Mar 4, 7:49pm
I prune in early Autumn and start spraying in Winter.

magpie71, Mar 4, 7:59pm
Yes I saw an article on the gardening page to prune after fruiting but had never heard of doing it so early before.

wheelz, Mar 4, 8:20pm
After losing a large golden queen to silver leaf years back. I always do now.

bugin, Mar 6, 8:28am
NOT in the winter .Prune now in summer dry conditions soon after cropping has finished .Remember they fruit on NEW wood ,so prune off old tired spurs and especially strong upright growth .Paint cuts with a commercial pruning paint.

fiona98, Mar 7, 9:19am
Any tips on pruning one year old trees,I am new to growing fruit trees and a bit scared I will stuff it up.Wondering if I should get an expert in to do it.I have a small section/garden so needing them to grow as compact as possible but still produce, is this possible!

bugin, Mar 7, 9:36am
Tie the branches down to a horizontal level(flat) with a length of string.Put a nail or staple into the trunk at just above ground level and pull the branches down .This will reduce growth in larger branches .
Cut the leader back by 30 cm to encourage compact shape .
Remove spindly weak spurs and branches to open the main fruit bearing branch sites (flower sites ) to more light .
Trim off any upright growth on the main branches .
Compost mulch well before winter .

mcgolly, Mar 7, 9:55am
Compact is good but remember that you must always leave lots of space between branches so you can get sun and wind to cut down on mould type diseases.
Join a gardenclub or keep an eye out for field days offering instructions
As a general rule prune away all weak sickly skinny and dead branches and those that are touching or crossing others
Keep your tree small enough so that you can pick all the fruit from the ground.
Prune away all those branches that shoot straight up,they won't bear fruit

fiona98, Mar 8, 11:23pm
Thank you for the advice,most of my trees are triple or double grafted, same rules apply!

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 8, 11:52pm
The fruit forms on wood produced the previous year, so if you don't cut back immediately after fruiting you risk the tree producing that new wood on ever lengthening branches. As each harvest gets bigger and weightier those ever lengthening branches drop as the weight on the ends increases. That's when a good wind can cause breaks, or the branches smash against the ground or neighbouring stuff and you lose fruit. So, it pays to check the shape of your tree each year right after picking and remove the odd mature woods, to ensure good crops safely carried without future damage to the tree. Crossed branches, branches too high or too low would be good choices for the pruning saw.

.jillybeen., Apr 10, 11:18pm
My tree got a prune when I couldn't reach the peaches.I hope it doesn't do any damage.