Pruning peach trees?

sprocketmonster, Aug 28, 11:32pm
We haven't pruned our tree for years and it is a monster taking over our back yard. I want to cut it back now but google tells me to do it in summer. I don't want to wait that long. I've noticed it starting to bud. Can I cut it now? Also we want to get it looking nice because we hope to sell this summer. Cheers.

busybee72, Aug 29, 6:40pm
Trimming it now severly will stimulate the tree to produce vegetative, strong growth - which is what you dont want. Wait untill autumn when the fruit has been harvested and while the tree is still active limb it back then. With peaches and nectarines you aim to maintain lots of new growth close to the ground for easy picking. These trees only fruit once on new growth.

cantabman1, Aug 29, 7:29pm
If the bud has not burst you can trim it back now, but i suggest that you do it over two winters, so as not to shock the tree to much.
Make sure you paint over any severed limbs to prevent disease.

summersunnz, Oct 15, 2:14am
If I was looking for a house to buy, I'd love to see a tree full of peaches.