Whats wrong with my peach tree?

instantly, Nov 20, 11:10pm
its only young maybe 1-2 years, I bought and planted it this year. It blossomed then grew leaves which looked as though they had leaf curl but now them and the little peaches that were on it seem to be rotting away and it is nearly bare

tigra, Nov 21, 12:12am
I,m sure others will confirm it but suggest you approach the person/company who sold it to you and swap it for another.

bluefrog2, Nov 21, 12:48am
Post a picture. It's hard to tell with new fruit trees sometimes. The fact that it fruited at all suggests the plant started off okay, but something has gone wrong.

My "new" apple tree did well for one year, and the next year the leaves went brown at the tips and started falling off. I finally figured out the young leaves were getting windburn during a warm, windy spring. This year, I'm trying to water more, and if windburn starts to get bad, I'll consider covering with a wind cloth or something like that.

maclad, Nov 21, 3:22am
Leaf curl will cause fruit to drop and perhaps some leaf as well. For the novice fruit trees are hard work as with out preventative maintenance, (spraying) they will get diseased and not be very productive. If you want fruit trees then you really need to be prepared to spray those nasty chemicals, although, copper, which is the main one, is classified as organic.

instantly, Nov 21, 3:29am
I'm guessing it's too late for copper now? Is there anything I can use now or should I leave it till next year?

maclad, Nov 21, 4:02am
Nothing you do now will help this year but maybe a bit of copper will help to set you up for next year. Remember to remove all old foliage from under the tree and spray the soil as well. You really need to spray exactly as the leaf buds burst and show the smallest bit of green as this is when the bacteria enter the plants system.

instantly, Nov 21, 10:50pm
I have concluded that it is most likely grass grub beetle doing the damage and we have heaps of them around, anyone know how to get rid of them while they're resting in the ground? ive had a look and theres sooo many!

skifflebar, Jul 26, 3:58am