Most reliable Peach variety?

ambo11, May 3, 11:47pm
Looking to buy a peach tree to plant in the Horowhenua area. Heard Golden Queen is the most "reliable". but seem hard to find. Any other varieties which will fruit reliably? Also Nectarine. cheers

herc18, May 4, 12:19am
Golden Queen is good for preserving, black boy peach is popular too and self pollinating.

mssteptoe, May 4, 2:54am
Talking of peaches, I am wanting to take a cutting from an existing peach tree, can I do that & grow another successfully or is it too late? Or is it better to try to grow from the pit?

wheelz, May 4, 12:39pm
Just choose which one you prefer, then ask a garden centre to order it in for you. Easy as.

brightlights60, May 5, 3:41am
We had a type of golden queen, but it was a smaller, heirloom variety. It was grown from a seedling (stone) and given to us. We in turn gave many away. Grew like a weed and produced like there was no tomorrow. We finally took it out last year as we could not keep up with the fruit and it made such a mess. I always thought it was a Golden Queen, but we had so much fruit we would bag it up and put a sign out for people to take it free. A lady came up the drive and told us it wasn't Golden Queen. Still got flippen seedlings coming up occasionally from the fallen stones!

ricp, May 5, 10:59pm
If you like Golden Queen, then get Gordons Glory.
It tastes and looks like Golden Queen but is much more resistant to leaf curl, the curse of peaches. Blackboy is also a really good peach that doesn't get leaf curl much, although it tastes quite different to a normal yellow peach (a bit plummy).

beebb3, May 6, 9:51am
Blackboy peach - agree with ricp - taste isn't as sweet as others, but they are brilliant. I have one and it never gets leaf curl, maintenance free in my garden, fruits heavily, and its so nice to be able to give them away too. Brilliant stewed with breaky, desserts etc. So many to choose from, but Gordons Glory as ricp mentions above, for a sweeter variety is delish. Goodluck.

ambo11, May 7, 5:31am
Sweet thanks for all replies people, will get a Blackboy! Cheers

cleggyboy, May 7, 6:29am
Remember the peachrines? Pity they did not take off great small bottling fruit and also nice raw eating fruit

ambo11, May 8, 6:28pm
Yep saw them, but I have never had any luck growing from stones, and have tried many. Not sure what the secret is!

twain1, May 8, 7:25pm
It would be cheaper to go to a vegie shop and by peaches and enjoy them and take out the stones?

twain1, Jan 14, 6:18pm
Have you tried googling, no doubt there are some tips there. They priobably dont have a high germination rate otherwise all trees will have seedlings around them as not every peach gets picked