Blackboy Peach Now Pinkboy ?

poppysinger2, Mar 16, 12:21am
I have just eaten one of the few peaches that our blackboy peach tree produced this year and it was PINK ! Not a blackboy at all and it tastes different too . What could have happened ? We moved the tree 2 years ago and last year it was laden with the usual dark peaches . This year much reduced crop and only pink peaches . I dont understand . Can one of you wonderful gardening gurus help ? Thanks !

dibble35, Mar 16, 2:52am
I thought you were going to say the PC brigade have renamed it from blackboy to pink boy.

jodyw1, Mar 16, 5:31am
I've just picked a bucket full off my tree an they are lighter in color this year. Maybe the really hot weather has played a part. They still taste yummy.

poppysinger2, Mar 16, 5:54am
Maybe it could be a dusky peach instead of a blackboy as I am amazed it is still known as a blackboy peach in this PC age ! But cheers , good to know others have paler than usual peachies .

junie2, Mar 16, 9:06am
Ours is raining bucketsful too, and yes, they are all pink(ish) as well. Usually they are a really dark maroon/purple. We've put it down to a lot of sun and not much water. They're sweet-as , but not as big as in prev yrs. Have just bought a Nutri-Ninja to deal with them all and the apples and plums etc.

juliewn, Mar 4, 9:04am
+1. and don't have the same flavour either. mine are very juicy, eat over the sink juicy!