Suggestions for plants to grow on concrete wall?

mooncake1, Feb 25, 1:40am
Hi all,

I'm in Welli and have several small West facing 'step'/planter box areas created by a series of contrete retaining walls. I'd like to plant something that either tumbles down the walls or climbs up it to cover up the ugly concrete and will complement my various small hibiscus and roses growing on the bottom level.

Can you please suggest some nice easy-care plants that will suit the area and serve as a nice backdrop to the flowering shrubs! They could be creepers, tumblers or tall slim plants that can go at the back of the border behind the flowering shrubs.

I think there was some tumbling lavender there before which I am not averse to replanting, but other suggestions welcome. I like interesting foliage and am happy to look at fragrant options also.

Thanks heaps!

mooncake1, Feb 25, 2:01am
PS. The ideal plants would enjoy the sun and a sheltered position. The concrete can get quite hot.

dibble35, Feb 25, 3:21am
Prostrate rosemary would be perfect for this situation.

tigra, Feb 25, 3:26am
Rosemary is what I would suggest toohave it doing exactly that over a very high retaining wall. However so saying in Wellingtons winds the littleflowers and seeds blow off and make a bit of a mess. Alright I guess if its plants underneath. Alternatively Ivy.

mooncake1, Feb 25, 3:27am
Thanks dibble35! Actually, on reflection, it could have in fact been some creeping rosemary that was originally planted on that wall, so will investigate that. Would be happy to reinstate it there.

Any other suggestions also welcome :-)

dibble35, Feb 25, 6:18am
Ficus pumila would grow up the wall clinging as it went.A bit slower than ivy but less likely to take over the garden

spiritofgonzo, Feb 25, 7:51am
boston ivy or virginian creeper if you want fast coverage and autumn interest

mommabean, Feb 25, 8:55am
another vote for ficus its great

smoocher, Feb 25, 9:08am
Ice plants
especially Disphyma papillatum (Chatham Island ice plant)

I had this growing at our old house in the concrete block wall and it looks fabulous in in flower or not. Ever so hardy as well.

mooncake1, Feb 25, 9:37am
Hey thanks y'all! I'll check em all out :-) You guys rock!

auburn4, Feb 25, 9:38am
Spanish shawl.

mooncake1, Feb 26, 12:31am

I like the sound of some of the suggestions but am wary of anything too invasive as I'm a lazy gardener who prefers not to have to get in there all the time to tame the plants. Strictly low maintenance is what I need!

I was also thinking maybe of something that doesn't trail (couldn't think of the right word yesterday and said 'tumbling'!) all the way down but just softens the edges of the concrete ledge. Something like a prostrate juniper or Coleonema pulchellum 'Sunset Gold' - maybe they could work too!

majoba, Mar 24, 12:51am
Love ficus pumila but also Boston Ivy. This is growing on a huge concrete wall next to the Law school at Auck Uni and looks absolutely stunning.