How to grow a avocado

hotstuff111, Sep 28, 8:52am
i have had one growing in the garden for 16 years and just trim to keep small it has never fruited some one said you cant grow from seed they have to be grafted i just found another one growing in the garden so will plant near by .

budgel, Sep 28, 8:57am
AN avocado will fruit if you wait long enough. I had a self seeded one that gave about 60 a season.

coralsnake, Sep 28, 12:42pm
You can grow from seed but they will take at least 7 years to fruit. The fruit will be a cross as the parent plant will have been grafted onto another stock. The fruit will also be thin skinned.

Perhaps if you let it grow and not trim it it may fruit?

[I have 9 growing in pots at the moment].

cantabman1, Sep 18, 3:47am
Hi Graham, I also have one growing in a pot on the deck, from a stone.It won't fruit here in Ch Ch, but maybe I can have it as an indoor plant.