Citrus struggling to grow leaves

fhpottery, Oct 26, 9:31pm
My citrus has loads of fruit buds but seems to struggle to go leafy. What fertiliser is best for leaf growth?

maclad, Oct 27, 12:48am
Nitrogen will grow leaves and if your plant is struggling so badly I would not try to encourage it to flower. Citrus are very heavy feeders so use a mix of citrus fert 3 or 4 times a year, with extra B&B if you wish. Ensure the ground is weed free round your plant and lightly cultivated, work fert into the soil a wee bit and then mulch with whatever you have keeping it clear of the trunk and water, water, water. I believe in a lot of water perhaps 3 or 4 times a week rather than a little and often, that way you get watering which is much better. Sick plants often try to flower well but that is because they are trying to set seed to save the species.

maclad, Oct 27, 12:50am
Once leaves appear you can water over them with a weak solution of liquid feed. Plants do feed through their leaves as well.

kaylin, Aug 19, 11:03am
I water my citrus in a pot every single day. With watered worm wee. I have nurtured one back from no leaves and nearly dead, to ull dark green leaves, new growth, and no lemon buds. I removed ALL buds, dug out any small self seeded plants from the pot, then popped it in a frost free area. It's fine now.