Advice needed to grow a tree in a concreted area

thea4, Mar 15, 11:42pm
My neighbour has asked me for help and as usual I turn to my mates on here.They have a large area of concrete i(used to be part of a drive)nto which they would like to plant a fruit tree for shade hopefully an avacado, they realise it will be necessary to cut a hole in the concrete.Any advice will be welcome such as will an avacado be happy in that situation what diameter hole would be best or any ideas of what tree to actually plant they already have plenty of citrus and other fruit trees

spiritofgonzo, Mar 16, 12:00am
It can be done. As a rule, minimum you'll need to dig is 1m x 1m x 1m deep. A big job. Do it right.

thea4, Mar 16, 12:22am
Thank you if you could see their garden you just know they will do it right, do you think the avacado would be alright>

venna2, Mar 16, 12:28am
Where do they live? Is the proposed area sunny and sheltered from wind?

thea4, Mar 16, 12:44am
Hi yes it iss they are in South Auckland

wildwest3, Mar 16, 2:11am
Take out as much concrete as possible, Avo's sometimes need root pruning after a few years. Avo's also need a pollinator nearby.

tweake, Mar 16, 2:31am
avo's will need a pollinator tree. even better to have a beehive near by.
also you really need to have a grafted tree if your after fruit.
check the ground, avo's do not like soggy or clay soil. prone to root rot and disease.
there is also a whole range of avo with different seasons.

bluefrog2, Mar 16, 8:32pm
Hmm. Could they plant it in a big pot or planter aboveground instead? Maybe a custom built timber or stone block planter. Thinking about what's under my own concrete areas, they would have to dig through gravel and probably really hard clay. Not sure how that would drain, or if there would be any nasties leaching into the hole from the surrounding clay. Plus you would be introducing a weak spot in the concrete where water could flow in and wash out soil underneath the surrounding concrete.

skin1235, Mar 16, 8:50pm
avo's grow to the same size as a lone pine, they are a massive tree
I cut one down for my brother a few years ago, almost 18cubic mt of firewood ( 3 yr supply for him) and a huge bonfire of the rubbish left after
the root zone will eventually be 5 to 6 mt across, and if under concrete WILL lift that concrete to the point it will be un-walkable, the concrete will have to come out as the tree grows
personally I'd not put an avo ina concrete pad of any sort, they deserve to be in more open ground

maclad, Mar 3, 3:15pm
Have to say I'm in full agreement with this, not to mention how the water will get to the roots and fert as well and all the heat generated under the concrete can't be good for growing.