I need some waterproofing advice.

kaconda, Jun 11, 3:00am
I have a small near flat roof area that appears to have a small leak via a folded join in the galvanised steel. Probably due to walking on it. otherwise the steel is in very good condition. (no corrosion). What product should should I apply to this. Something like Duram?
It looks like a big job to replace so I would prefer to repair.

rak1, Jun 11, 4:22am
Sellotape Roof and Gutter repair tape is pretty good for small repairs. Take care when installing as once stuck down it is very hard to get off.

johotech, Jun 11, 5:17am
Or Bear Flashtac tape is basically the same stuff as the Sellotape one.

At this time of year it would be a good idea to warm up the metal you're applying it to, with a heat gun or the wife's hairdryer, before applying the tape. A firm wallpaper roller is useful for smoothing the tape.

hammer23, Jun 11, 5:53am
2 & 3 is the way to ,sticks like poop to a nappy. Bunnings is your friend.

skin1235, Jun 14, 2:54am
paint it, tiwce

golfdiver, Jun 14, 11:55pm
Because hiding rusted out holes with paint really works ! SMH

skin1235, Jun 15, 3:40am
true, covering them with ali tape must work well too, actually painting them does help, excludes the air that allows rust to grow, the alternative is rip it up, and replace, which is not what the OP wants to do

golfdiver, Jun 15, 4:06am
Acrylic paint is moisture permeable and if the metal l has cracked then so will enamel. Paint isn't going to be the solution here

skin1235, Jun 15, 7:38am
in your haste to make it personal you have tripped over logic

what a load of c***p, acrylic paint is not moisture permeable, why would anyone paint a house or their roof with it if it were, acryl paint accounts for nearly 60% of paints sold, you're saying they are soaking up water like blotting paper ruining anything they were painted onto

perhaps it wasn't your head you referred to with your SMH, well not the one on your shoulders

golfdiver, Jun 15, 9:07am
Actually it is

skin1235, Dec 16, 12:46am
yes, by about 1%, permeable to water vapour, not water drops, and the second coat reduces that 1% to 1% of 1%, the third reduces that 1% of 1% to 1% of 1% of 1%
ie if you paint a steel structure with one coat of acrylic paint it will show rust quite quickly, if you apply two coats it will very rarely show rust at all, if you apply 3 coats it will never show rust for the 35 yrs it is on your roof

happy now

I did say
paint it, twice