Chch welders advice pls, older flue top repair q

lambrat, May 21, 12:19am
saturday morning after that wicked wind overnight i walked out at first light to check it did no tree damage, and saw this on the ground looked up. so depressing

i just got up on roof and got the other bit off, and now i need welding advice, ie. whether its fixable. or not.

can anybody in chch please recommend somewhere straight up and reliable to walk into and ask . am on strict budget, lawyers have all my money these days, darn it.

pestri, May 21, 12:27am
probably doesn't need a welder,. possible it could be riveted. Call a chimney sweep and ask him if he can do such a job.

Unfortunately these days the HSE Act.

hammer23, May 21, 1:35am
as above.
Fire place installer,plumber,roofer, or any one who can use a pop rivoter and a drill.could do the job. What about your insurance company,it is storm damage.To pay someone budget up to $200.00 or find a useful bloke with tools.Best of luck.

lambrat, May 21, 3:57am
thanks very much for those two posts.

as for insurance, in chch most of our insurance excesses - along with our premiums - have increased dramatically, enough to make this not worth claiming for. hopefully they'll decrease a bit over time, but not holding breathe or anything else, lol

omamari, May 21, 5:20am
I have a feeling that the piece on top of the flue should pull off. So if you feel confident to climb on your roof get up and pull it off. The other piece can be pop riveted back on a piece of cake

budgel, May 21, 7:16am
i had exactly that problem with my flue 'hat'. I repaired it by pop riveting and it broke again. After the second repair broke I bought a new one which was marked down at only $45.00 from Mitre 10.

I am over 65 and have a 45degree roof pitch. Fitting the new one was the last time I will be going up on that roof!

lambrat, May 21, 10:37pm
yay, i got it down from the roof, it came off easily as you say! i found a friend with a pop riveter too.

thanks for the tip about Mitre10 stocking them (how long ago was that? ) but i've found in chch they seem to change/delete stock items nearly as often as a supermarket these days. will certainly take a look there first, to try saving friend the trouble!

lambrat, May 21, 10:59pm
cheers, very glad you got up and down in one piece, mine is pretty steep there too, and i can assure you its not a good feeling at 55 either!
i've had a look at Mitre10 online catalogue and can't find it listed, will have to go in there with dirty old one, lol.

budgel, May 22, 6:02am
I bought the replacement one about six weeks ago. I had noticed that Mitre 10 stocked them when I did the first repair a couple of years ago. The one I bought looked like old stock, comparing it to the online price, it probably was.

Mine had broken at the spot welds on the three prongs that connect it to the sleeve that slides into the chimney. If you are going to pop rivet it, get monel rivets like they use on yacht spars, they are much stronger than aluminium.

lambrat, May 22, 10:17am
i got it back repaired today, its back up on the flue. if it doesn't last long i found out they are made here in chch and currently sell for $67 . i was told by bloke at beckenham mitre10 that its called a 'cowl' LOL had totally forgotten that word.
so glad to have it fixed, thanks for all the help :))

moltenfire, May 22, 12:02pm
Make sure you get Building Consent and that you have edge protection installed before allowing a tradesman up on your roof.

lambrat, Jan 4, 1:14am
no thanks !
i put it back up myself. from top of ladder to flue & back = 2 minutes.
flue & flashing are fine, problem was only the cowl.