Which glue for wooden letterbox repair?

wron, Nov 14, 10:34am
It's an old one, top A frame roof consists of tongue and groove slats, end one is loose - which glue should I use to repair it? Thanks.

planespotterhvn, Nov 14, 11:02am
Five minute Araldite is fast. But Gorilla Glue (Not Gorilla Grip) is stronger and good for furniture, the glue sets by absorbing water from the atmosphere. Prespray the joint with water before gluing then clamp or tape in position for 12 hrs.

pettal, Nov 14, 5:46pm
P.V.A glue , cheap & easy .

tmenz, Nov 14, 6:59pm
PVA is not waterproof - it will fall apart when it gets wet.
Use a Liquid Nails type that is labelled waterproof.
There are several to choose from in the Selleys, Ados, Gorilla ranges.

omamari, Nov 14, 7:54pm
The posters are correct in suggesting Gorilla glue, awesome stuff. Problem is you are going to spend $20 and end up throwing most of it away unless you have other uses for it Use a stainless steel screw, pre-drill to avoid splitting

trad, Nov 14, 8:34pm
My letterbox was made using nails and waterproof PVA. Still going strong about 10 yrs later.

bergkamp, Nov 14, 8:40pm
there is an exterior version

andrewcg53, Nov 14, 9:45pm
Until it rains

tmenz, Nov 14, 11:18pm
Selleys Allfix.

cantabman1, Nov 15, 1:12am
I have found the Bostick range of glues to be superior to many other brands.
I use a two tube pack mixing the two together and applying, waterproof, reliable and a very strong bond. You could try Mitre10 ,or Hammer Hardware.

vanderbel, Nov 15, 1:42am
I have never seen waterproof PVA, where do I get this from?

trad, Nov 15, 2:29am
Perhaps it was water resistant. I think it was in a yellow plastic container (all used now and thrown away). Cannot recall where I bought it.

wron, Nov 15, 10:52am
Thanks for all the suggestions!

wron, Nov 15, 10:54am
I should have mentioned in the original post - we live high up in the ranges, 2x Auckland's rain, so needs to be more than water resistant!

pixma, Nov 15, 12:38pm

easygoer, Nov 16, 2:18am

daves01, Jul 30, 9:48am
Think that you can get smaller tubes now . to avoid the waste of money for the little jobs