Removing wooden strips that hold carpet in place (

clare171, Jan 16, 2:30am
any suggestions as to how I can remove the nailed wooden strips (-the ones with lots of lethal nails sticking up)- that are around the edge of the room that held my carpet in place -I want to remove them with minimal damage to the original floorboards -thanks for your suggestions

kaydee16, Jan 16, 2:45am
I gently hammered a flat screwdriver (could have used a chisel I suppose) underneath a strip until it started to lift, then used the 'claw' part of hammer to lever the strip starting at the end,if that makes sense. The strip will snap off and you just repeat the process. If you're careful the boards are relatively unscathed.

dee238, Jan 16, 3:15am
Ditto #2 for me as well. Was painstaking but worth it. My only suggestion is to use a flat tool to lift it.

newtec1, Jun 9, 1:44pm
They are called smooth edge and will lift off with a small flat bar no problem,Even a larger demo bar will do the trick.They break where the nails are,especialy in conc, but they will come out with a bar.