Weeds under a wooden deck

hel007, Sep 28, 1:06am
Is there any way to stop these growing permanently? It is possible to crawl under the deck and it's soil underneath the deck. cheers

waikeewonder, Sep 28, 1:19am
you probably find it you spread lime powder it will either stop the weeds from growing or will inhibit them so there's not as many. Just sprinkle through the cracks of the deck boards if you can and water

waikeewonder, Sep 28, 1:20am
weeds normally like to grow in acid soil. the lime powder will adjust the soil to alkaline. you may need to repeat a couple of times through the growing season until the soil adjusts it's pH levels

lythande1, Sep 28, 2:10am
Not short of concrete or some other form of sealing off the dirt.

I weed mine every now and then, it's dry so they don't grow vigorously.

busybee72, Sep 28, 2:16am
Go under once and make it your last by using commercial weed suppresent granules and black plastic over the top. I used a product called prefix. Any ag supply store should be able to get it for you.

rita197, Oct 1, 6:41pm
You could peg down weedmat

underconstructy, Oct 1, 9:12pm
Bingo, cant believe it took 5 poss to suggest this.

tigra, Oct 2, 2:08am
rita197 wrote:
You could peg down weedmat[/quote

And the weeds will grow through it

juliebabe, Oct 2, 2:13am
Or you could spray with a weed killer, this is what I do.

Only you know if you can crawl under your deck, it all depends how much room is underneath and how big and active you are.

kcc55a, Oct 2, 2:16am
And whether you have a mask to wear

underconstructy, Oct 2, 2:54am
What sort of plant life grows without sunlight?

tigra, Oct 2, 10:21pm

kinna54, Oct 3, 3:50am
My mate spread some beach sand under his, apparently the salt inhibits growth and best of all it's plentiful and free.

jan2242, Oct 3, 4:33am
waste oil works well. Just ask the local garage.

xs1100, Oct 3, 8:48am
yeh and nothing will ever grow again in that soil

tweake, Oct 3, 11:46pm
you could put weed mat (not solid plastic sheeting, needs to be the perforated stuff) nailed to the underside of the deck and sides.
simply remove 99% of the light and nothing will grow.
needs to be perforated to allow water to go through otherwise you can run into water soakage issues.

underconstructy, Oct 4, 12:36am
That's disgusting

lythande1, Sep 12, 6:13pm
Weed mat only works for a while. this place was covered in weedmat and bark when we came. rotten, ripped, weed infested and a pain because of the bark.