Wooden sink bench

vomo2, Nov 8, 3:08am
Do you have one? What wood? Do you like it?

sandymrph, Nov 8, 3:11am
yes.macrocarpa (danish oiled and glassed). yes.

dfd1, Nov 8, 4:40am
Yes have had rimu that had a two pot mix on. easy to wipe down , now have Danish timber oiled which is a pain. to keep oiled .

annies3, Nov 8, 4:57am
Had one around 50 years ago ! had to keep it scrubbed white, it seemed ok but I wouldn't have one again. lol

deered, Aug 6, 2:47pm
We have one, not sure the wood - maybe macrocarpa? I love it. It has a heavy varnish on it - like marine grade stuff. It was here when we shifted in, and I'm not in any hurry to get rid of it.