How far South can Advocado trees grow?

xmakara, Jul 6, 6:26pm
Any success in say, Waiarapa? Same question goes for Fejioas and Mangos.

rdeans, Jul 6, 9:29pm
Not sure on Avocado or Mango but Feijoa's grow and produce well in Carterton.

dezzie, Jul 6, 11:46pm
Avo's grow in the top of the south quite happily.

lcscott, Jul 7, 12:29am
avos in kaikoura just north of

zak410, Jul 7, 1:49am
Too cold for Mango in NZ.

coralsnake, Jul 7, 2:33am
I have avocadoes growing in pots in Christchurch.
Currently they are being wintered over in the garage.

dibble35, Jul 7, 6:31am
I have heard of 1 or 2 mango trees growing successfully in NZ in the far north - but that's the exception rather than the rule

annies3, Nov 29, 7:56am
Commercial grower of fejoas in Herbert sth of Oamaru they sell fruit in season, I have two trees doing well, actually one is flowering right now, I'm not sure why, is this the right time for them to flower.