Help to identify a tree please :)

lydia.m., Mar 14, 9:33pm
I am trying to identify a mystery tree, it is several metres high, with smooth green non toothed oval leaves ( silvery beige underneath), it has clusters of tiny flowers with 3 petals , they have a sweet fragrance, if any one has any ideas it would be appreciated :)

harrislucinda, Mar 14, 10:20pm
wont bring it up Lydia.m asking me to sign in is that right

lydia.m., Mar 14, 10:29pm
ooh . hang on I'll see II can fix that link

lydia.m., Mar 14, 10:34pm

spiritofgonzo, Mar 14, 11:53pm

harrislucinda, Mar 15, 12:08am
that's better but cant help with ID

lydia.m., Mar 15, 12:37am
ooh bugger. seems its a pest no wonder the garden centre I took it too didn't know what it was lol
I spotted it along a track and thought I'd get one for my garden becasue it smells so nice and I need shrubby trees to fill in a bank. poo
thank you spiritofgonzo :)

rover79, Mar 15, 12:42am
That first link works, you just cancel the sign in box and the pic shows up.

harrislucinda, Mar 15, 1:40am
just tried now came straight to pic

lemming2, Mar 15, 3:28am
Doesn't look like privet to me. Their flowers are more in racemes, and not apparently 3-petalled like your one.
Possibly an Olearia?

undertow36, Mar 15, 10:49pm
Does it have light colored, papery bark on the main trunk that you can peel in strips?
I'd go with Oleria avicenniaefolia with a fairly high level of confidence

lydia.m., Mar 15, 11:34pm
not sure of the bark, I'll have a check when I go for a walk next. but I've googled that olearia and it looks perfect for a match :). now all I need to do is find one for sale , thanks guys :)

undertow36, Mar 16, 9:04am
Looked like you had a perfect bit of material for propagating yourself one.
If you are going to shop for it, I'd try in Roxburgh or give Andrew at Te Kakano in Wanaka a holler. they propagate for restoration work rather than sale but they're an awesome team and if you ask nicely. you never know

beebb3, Mar 4, 10:55am