Fruit on Palm tree - removing stems?

viking60, Apr 9, 11:47pm
We have a large palm tree which now has 6 fruit bearing stems. The fruit ripens to an orange colour and then drops and makes a mess. I believe it is known as a jelly palm. We are wondering whether cutting the fruiting stems off before they drop their fruit will harm the palm. Any advice please.

deathrockboy, Apr 10, 10:44am
Removing the stems shouldn't hurt the palm.

fleur59, Apr 10, 8:04pm
boil the fruit if it is a Jelly Palm make Jam/ jelly

viking60, Feb 7, 2:46pm
Ineteresting video. I have 2 buckets full and it seems such a waste to just eat the odd one raw. Will look up recipes for making jelly.