Cabbage tree flowers this year.

jane310567, Nov 27, 5:15am
are extraordinary! Does this mean a hot summer?

rainrain1, Nov 27, 5:28am
I noticed that yesterday. They look as though they are going to be amazing. so does the flax flower, all good for the nectar feeding birds

samanya, Nov 27, 5:37am
Apparently, it does.

annies3, Nov 27, 5:41am
Just wonderful we have a couple of different colours, but what I like the most is that superb fragrance, and the flax flowers are going to be massive, I wouldn't know for sure but perhaps the extremely cold winter and the dry has affected the flowering.
Edit to add we enjoy the Tuis who are fighting over the abundance, but the rotters have chased the Bell birds away

zl2adl, Nov 27, 6:53am
Our one is in flower and the road to Fielding has an avenue of Cabbage trees and they are all in flower, hope that legend is correct and we get a good summer.

juliewn, Nov 28, 5:17am
Lynda on the Get Growing Roadshow recently showed how she took the back off the flax flowers as a child, to suck out the nectar :-)

My cabbage trees are all in flower too. and my neighbours. the fragrance from hers wafts towards our home. lovely.

rotormotor7, Nov 28, 5:22am
the first time our cabbage tree has flowered, only a 3m spring chicken popped up from nowhere. thanks to the birds

tonijo, Nov 28, 5:56am
Ours are amazing this year in ChCh - and that will explain the scent the other night - warm and still it was and a lovely sweet scent I couldn't identify.

oh_hunnihunni, Nov 28, 6:00am
The m/way out west from North Harbour is a stunner with all those flax plants, will be amazing in a few weeks.

oh_hunnihunni, Nov 28, 6:10am
They are one of the lily family - hence the perfume.

poolgirl6, Nov 28, 6:27am
Do the flowers cause hay fever?

fhpottery, Nov 29, 3:40am
Yes mine are amazing. Are they called TI trees in Nz?

annies3, Nov 29, 4:48am
No I think that would be Manuka or Kanuka both have been called tea trees in the past, supposedly because in the early times the leaves were used for making tea

zak410, Jul 18, 1:11pm
We had a few that over-flowered, seeded and then died after that, like many in Northland, probably from 'Sudden Decline of cabbage tree'.

Good to see that those seeds were viable and we started a few new seedlings from them.