Flowers on suckers-tomatoes

krames, Jan 2, 7:11am
I usually pull the suckers off my tomato plants but have been away on holiday and have come back to notice lots of long suckers grown with flower pods formed on them.
Is this normal and do they actually grow fruit?
If sowhy pull them off?

sumstyle, Jan 2, 7:33am
Do you mean the laterals that come out from the main stem and the regular "branches"? Yes they form fruit.

If it's a cherry tomato the laterals stay on. On regular tomato plants the laterals are super vigorous and take too much energy away from the rest of the plant.

krames, Jan 2, 7:39am
oh thanks.
I wasn't aware of them forming flowers.I shall continue removing them then and might leave the ones that have formed to see how they go .

wheelz, Jan 2, 8:21am
The laterals ( not called suckers) can be cut off and pushed into the ground to form new plants. that easy. as long as they get watered too!

nukhelenc, Jan 2, 10:41am
This year i have let 2 laterals grow per plant, the rest i snap off.

books4nz, Jan 2, 10:48am
I'd pinch out the tips - the plant has already put energy into growing them, and having flowers, so pinching out the tips will stop them continuing to grow. then put energy into ripening the fruit for you.

If you do this to pinch out the tips, pinch out at least 8cm - 10cm. and as wheelz has written, plant them so you have more tomato plants.

lythande1, Jan 2, 6:33pm
Tomatoes, left alone, will grow somewhat like a vine. All branches will produce fruit. The more there is, the longer you let it, can result in smaller fruit.

We let them, until they take over the garden, then they get a haircut - not necessarily the laterals though, just a prune in general to keep them under control.

krames, Jan 3, 6:01am
thanks very much.I have removed all laterals and given all the plants a haircut and been rather ruthless.I have also given them a feed of potash and put the electric toothbrush on the flowers so all going well I am back on track.

bestie1, Jan 3, 7:48am
Electric toothbrush on the flowers?

krames, Jun 22, 3:41pm
yea its like a bumblebee ,vibrates the same an polinates