Birds are Eating my Tomatoes

cantabman1, Jan 12, 7:17pm
This is a new one for me, as for over 40yrs growing a garden, this has never happened before.
I now have netting covering all the plants, but the lower toms are still getting hammered; and no its not snails or grubs.

peterlap1, Jan 12, 7:21pm
The birds are thirsty, try putting little shallow containers of water around the base of your plants.

bluefrog2, Jan 13, 12:40am
Put shallow containers of water AWAY from the base of your plants. Otherwise the birds will perch on your plants while waiting for their turn in the water dish and poo all over your tomatoes.

cantabman1, Jan 13, 3:26am
Thanks, i will try that, but they have eaten quite of bit of the fruit as well.

suzn47, Jan 13, 5:39am
Being nice and feeding birds,Also have a water dish out. I notice that my raspberries have been pecked at. Suspect birds for that.

franny8, Jan 14, 8:25pm
I hang swinging old DVD's around my tomatoes, the birds don't like the shiny silver. Not a pretty sight but works a treat.

scottea, Jun 12, 4:09am
This is what we've done for years and had no problem with birds and berries or tomatoes. The layer of untreated sawdust takes care of the snail and slug caper and the citrus rinds lets the local cats know our yard is not a restroom.