Birds in fruit trees

kendall40, Nov 14, 8:03pm
Any ideas for saving fruit from the birds please!I've done plastic bags (the noise upset a neighbour) have two scraggy scarecrows, hung DVD's in the trees, but would like a new option.Any ideas!Yes I have 2 cats!I don't mind sharing with the birds but they taste each piece of fruit rather than eating one!

steptoesnr, Nov 14, 8:32pm
Bird netting.

neldav, Nov 14, 8:54pm
put bird netting up , but ended up finding dead birds hanged in it.Have heard that a red laser pointer flashed into their eyescreeps them trying it this summer.

neldav, Nov 14, 8:56pm
Just read do NOTflash into their eyes but on their bodies.

.jillybeen., Nov 15, 2:18am
Why bother just plant more fruit trees and share.

lythande1, Nov 15, 2:23am
[quote=kendall40Yes I have 2 cats! [/quote]
Stop feeding them.

thistle4, Nov 15, 2:41am
The Kereru have eaten almost every leaf off my plum trees. They never touch the apple trees.

2young1, Nov 15, 10:09am
my first crop from my louisa plum tree last year. birds were having a good go. made me so mad. I cut into the side of clear plastic drinking cups and hanged around the fruit. managed to save about 10 plums.

carter19, Nov 15, 9:44pm
A boating shop should have some humming tape. It makes a racketand scares the birds off. Boaties use it to stop the birds crapping on their boats while moored.

kendall40, Nov 15, 11:45pm
Thank you for all the ideas.I will try the humming tape.I asked the price of the owls that boaties use, and they are $45.I wondered about painting polystryrene balls to look like eyes and hang them in the trees.Do you think that would work!I have quite a lot of fruit trees so netting will not work for me.I value my skin so will continue to feed my lazy cats!

thistle4, Nov 16, 12:53am
Stop feeding them.[/quote]

I have 11 cats and all the birds in the neighbourhood just thumb their beaks at my

studentkyle, Nov 16, 4:11am
im bumping this for other ideas.

poolgirl6, Nov 17, 7:15am
The birds are after the moisture in the fruit, as they dont seem to eat a great quantity.If you put out bowls of water, they will leave the fruit alone.
This will work.

thistle4, Nov 17, 7:57pm
I have a stream in the garden, bowls of water for the cats and chooks and birdbaths and the birds still go for my fruit. I have netting cages for the soft fruit now.

yort53, Nov 17, 8:02pm
Depending on where you are there are companys who make a 9 mm garden gun which makes very little noise and is quite effective in an orchard. This is a rimfire cartridge slightly bigger than a .22

studentkyle, Nov 17, 10:57pm
Got a pic of the netting cage! we are looking to build/buy one for our raspberries.

Need to find a way to protect our apples too.

oh_hunnihunni, Nov 7, 3:04am
.toy snakes.